BORPower® Marine Blue Series
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In speedboats, fishing boats and tonnage ships, engine is the main factor that pushes up the cost while it also causes big material difficulties in terms of service expenses. Technology has not yet been able to create any sufficient solution that may boost lifespan and performance of these engines, which are the hearts of marine vessels. Considering the old and antiquated technologies still being used in maritime, it is obvious that the mariners of our country are fighting with such big problems. Besides their dependence on seasonal jobs, motor oil and fuel wastes are some of the most important factors that reduce the mariners’ incomes.
Our mariners, who race against time in the seasonal jobs, generally navigate in Full Speed at Highest Spin just to be able to fulfill their delivery commitments.

Naturally, these conditions cause undesired engine breakdowns, plus high costs of fuel and oil consumption.

BORPower® Marine product, which is designed to ease such difficulties for the mariners, will also offer crucial contribution to both maritime sector and national economy.

With BorPower the moving parts of the engine and gears are coated with a BORON DIAMOND layer that results in:
  • Prolonged lifespan of moving parts and gears. 
  • Reduction of friction parameters by as much as ~70%. 
  • Boosted Engine Performance of ~ 9 % and more. 
  • Increased fuel efficiency. 
  • Reduced oil consumption.

It is the new generation Nano-lubricator designed to be used where API CD diesel performance level is required and for ISO 8217 type DMA / DMB / DMC fueled high performance modern sea trunk reciprocating machines. It is suitable for spin reducing gears and general lubrication.

Its unique Nano covering characteristics offers high-level cleanliness to the machine and reduces the level of contaminants drifting on the piston to the minimum. 
  • Protects active system parts, prevents overheating and prolongs the oil ageing duration by dramatically reducing friction and consequent abrasions. 
  • Minimizes friction loss and saves energy. 
  • High thermal and oxidation stability prolongs service life. 
  • Thanks to Nano-Boron particles high thermal and oxidation stability, prevents piston under-head overheating, minimizes oil quality loss. 
  • Prevents rust and corrosion. 
  • Thanks to its high alkalinity, neutralizes combustion residue acidic materials. 
  • Keeps its formulation in any kind of working condition.

Developed to provide superior performance at the higher temperatures and pressures in modern engines, BORPower® Marine is suitable for the lubrication of the following areas:

Latest super long-stroke crosshead engines; 

  • For all slow-high speed marine diesel engines in marine propulsion; 
  • Use in modern, highly rated marine crosshead type diesel engines, including the latest generation of "Camless" engines; 
  • Use in the most demanding highly rated turbocharged medium speed diesel engines and turbo-charged four-stroke diesel engines; 
  • Power generation applications;
  1. Shake the bottle well before use. 
  2. Add 1 Liter of BORPower® Marine per 50 Liters of oil. 
  3. Add BORPower® Marine to fresh and new oil. 
  4. Do not add BORPower® Marine into a cold engine. 
  5. Compatible with all kinds of lubricants. 
  6. Does not clog oil filters.

    Usage Rate:
    1 Lt. BORPower® Marine per 50 Lt. oil. BORPower® products do not contain any Boric Acid derivatives that are subject to the 7/548/EEG.
Download BORPower® "How to use" instructions
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