BOR Power® - Tests and Certificates

The quality and effectiveness of BORPower® has been validated several times by accredited industrial and scientific research and testing facilities in the USA and Europe, whilst the production of BORPower® is consistently monitored according to the standards of ISO9001:2000.

BORPower® will cut the fuel consumption of your car depending on its age and condition, as well as reducing CO2-emissions, increase motor power and motor oil lifetime. The full list of these international bodies is summarised below :

DNV Emissions Test, Italy, November 2012

DNV did attend on 2012-11-19 and on 2012-11-26 in F.lli Stamegna (LT - Italy) premises in order to monitor effects of BORPower® added in lub oil of Diesel Engine CAT (power 360 kw) assembled with generator Caterpillar with max power 320 kw, considered for these testing as 100 % of max. load.

The test shows:
  • Reduction of Total Powders: -99%
  • Reduction of CO2: -15%
  • Reduction of CO: -20%
  • Reduction of NOx: -12%

For further information please contact your local distributor or our head office.
bor power DNV
HJS Emission Technology GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, January 2012

HJS Emissision test ( H. Osterhaus )

bor power HJS
Kadach Racing Team, Germany, November 2010

Test run on Mercedes ML 6,3 AMG.

bor power kadach
Kadach Racing Team, Germany, November 2010

Test run on Hyundai Santa Fe, 2.2 I CDi, Turbodiesel.

bor power kadach
Tanstarr Europe Ltd, Germany, October / November 2010

Test run on Scania R480.

bor power tanstarr europe
ANEGI GmbH, Germany, August 2008

Test was run together with a couple of Companies which produce electricity in the area of Cologne.

bor power anegi
Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA), UK, October 2008

NanoBoron have carried out at MIRA an IRTE/ BTAC (Institute of Road Transport Engineers /British Advisory Consortium) Type One Test on an 18 tonne flatbed rigid vehicle, before and after the application of BORPower® S-600 and recorded an outstanding 10.8 % saving in fuel consumption. A comprehensive report has been produced by Lorry Logic , an independent consultant company having more than 20 years experience performing this type of tests.

bor power astm
Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Berlin, Germany, February, 2007

The nano-crystalline nature of the active ingredient nano boron in BORPower® was confirmed experimentally using x-ray diffractometry. The crystallite size of nano boron is 100nm.

Report 1
Report 2
bor power BAM
Analysis Laboratory, Dr. Ermrich, Germany, July 2007

The nano-crystalline dimensions (<100 nm) of the active ingredients boron diamond powder and nano boron in BORPower® were confirmed experimentally using X-ray diffractometry. The dimensions of the boron diamond crystals are less than 5 nm.

English Abstract of the Report
bor power ermrich
bor power