BOR Power® - Working Principle

BORPower® was developed to reduce the fuel consumption and to extend the lifetime of engines. This is achieved by reducing friction and abrasion during motion via the hard-coating and bearing-ball effect. The figure below illustrates this effect with and without BORPower®.

bor power working principle

BORPower® contains the active ingredients boron diamond powder (MCDP) and nano boron. Under high pressure between two metal surfaces, the MCDP crystals are pressed into the material to form a coating shown as black layer in the figure on the top right. This coating is diamond-hard and at the same time very slippery. The nano boron forms a low-friction solid lubricant film in between these coatings shown as yellow lamellas in the figure on the top right.

MCDP crystals not integrated into the metal surface act as bearing balls, which further reduces friction and abrasion by causing sliding friction to become much less abrasive rolling friction. These MCDP crystals are 5 nanometres in diameter, which is the 20.000th part of the diameter of a human hair!


BORPower® is an all-purpose engine nano treatment for petrol, diesel and LPG engines;

BORPower® can be used in all transport vehicles with 4-stroke engine (car, bus, lorry, van, jeep, pickup, minibus, motorcycle) as long as they satisfy the common ACEA and API standards, but cannot be used in 2 cycle engines.

Applications for:

bor power