About BORPower®
BORPower® is the most advanced and efficient all-purpose nanoboron oil lubricant that revolutionized the global market and marked the future with its unique nanotechnology formula.

Used on all four-stroke petrol, diesel and LPG engines, BORPower® is a premium high-tech lubricant that reduces friction, abrasion and corrosion on working metal surfaces close to zero for engines and machines found in the private, commercial, and industrial sector.


BORPower® takes advantage of the nano-crystalline nature of its active ingredients boron diamond powder and nano boron. These extremely small particles help to drastically reduce friction and abrasion on working metal surfaces using the hard-coating and bearing-ball effects that last up to 60,000 kilometers of driving distance.



The quality and effectiveness of BORPower® has been validated several times by accredited industrial and scientific research and testing facilities in the USA and Europe, whilst the production of BORPower® is consistently monitored according to the standards of ISO9001:2000.

Download BORPower® "How to use" instructions