Energy Add On - Agriculture
  Dues to heavy working conditions of the agricultural machinery, abrasions and heatups occur abundantly.

Novaprotechnology’s  BORPower® NANOLUBE  is suited to work under the heaviest conditions in industry. Whether it is used in the motors, manual transmissions or differentials in heavy  agricultural machinery the benefits will be felt.






Automatic transmissions need friction. The use of our products reduces friction and consequently affects the operation of automatic transmissions.  


Agricultural machinery works under extreme conditions and often encounters heat issues.
Novaprotechnology manufactures different concentrations of our NANOLUBE Product adapting to machinery that works in very heavy conditions. A higher concentration increases heat transfer enhancing overall performance in agricultural machinery.


Advantages of NANOLUBE in Engine and Differential Systems of Agricultural Machinery:

  • Provides up to 15% fuel saving
  • Provides up to 15% power increase
  • Reduces high level temperatures
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Minimizes the wear of due to cold starts
  • Reduces Friction, mechanical abrasions, pitting and cracks generated from sliding and rolling of gears in high and low temperatures
  • Extends engine life
  • Prevents the buildup of engine
  • Prevents the formation of carbon
  • Reduces production of particulate matter
  • Reduces consumable expenses and maintenance

Download BORPower® "How to use" instructions