About AstronHP®
  New Bio Fuel water-based and vegetable fats-based (diesel included)

AstronHP® is a biobased fuel emulsion of vegetable oil, alcohol, water, and surfactant.

The initial benefit of this kind of fuel is that it can potentially allow vegetable oil to be used as a feedstock bypassing the transesterification process used to produce biodiesel.
Biofuels are a desirable alternative to petroleum as they are renewable and their use will lower overall greenhouse gas emissions and other petroleum based pollutants.

Emulsions are a particularly attractive option in that the addition of water to the combustion process tends to bring down the oxide of nitrogen (NOX) constituents in the emissions profile, and contribute to a more complete combustion process by creating “micro explosions” during injection and combustion that result in better fuel atomization and combustion.

The AstronHP® Bio Fuel is a robust petroleum alternative, and should be considered as a viable option for power generation and heating.

  • Unique
  • Simple yet precise processes
  • Blending technology that is feedstock flexible

    AstronHP® biofuel can be used without having to change the tanks and / or power circuits of engines and burners. This allows to return to the use of traditional fuels at any time without the need for modifications.
  • Renewable biofuel
  • Substantially reduce NOX emissions (40-74%)
  • Essentially eliminate SOX emissions
  • Reduce lifecycle CO2 emissions (0.5 – 0.85% reduction for each 1% of fossil fuel replaced)
  • Enhanced performance characteristics to meet needs