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Annoyed with constantly rising fuel prices and the cost for replacement of your DPF Filter?
What about the life span of your vehicles exhaust systems?
And the general impact you are having on the environment.

Think green, choose BORPower®!  An engineered physical lubrication solution that directly affects bearing performance in your engine. By reducing friction you increase fuel efficiency, decrease emissions and increase the life of the engine.
BORPower® is a Nanotechnology centered around the use of Boron Nitride – a well understood and extraordinary lubrication agent. Read more under here (link to working principle).
BORPower® is not a chemical additive, it does not reduce the viscosity of your engine oil – it works at the metallurgic level with the bearings to decrease the surface on surface friction our product is simply physical, NOT CHEMICAL!



The key to maintaining your Particulate filter and other engine systems operating correctly  is your overall engine efficiency and correct operating temperature. High mileage engines will also benefit from the use of BorPower® as you can see from our wide range of testing and certification.

  Be part of our mission to make the future greener!
Ask for BORPower® at your next oil change! If your local dealer does not have it, ask him to contact us.

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