Energy Add On - Compressors and Generators

The High level of heat that occurs specially in screw and piston type compressors causes compressors to heat up and become inefficient, reducing productivity and increasing consumption of fuel.

bor power nanolube  

BORPower Nanolube MCDP balls create a homogenous layer under vacuum, spray, pressure on metal surfaces. This results in a secondary lubrication mechanism acting with the oil to reduce frictional drag and improve efficiency. In turn this increases fuel efficiency and reduces emissions.




Among the other advantages, below stated ones can also be mentioned:

  • Provides energy saving between up to 9%
  • Provides average 10% productivity (energy-add-on) increase in the generators
  • Minimizes the wearing of start-up working
  • Prevents the heat to a great extend and reduces it between 2-10 degrees
  • Increases in the life span
  • Minimizes wearing in screws, pistons, jackets, snap rings, bearings and gears
  • Prevents the formation of carbon
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Reduces vibration and thus decreases the noise level (Decibel) in the medium
  • Reduces the expenses of consumable materials substantially
  • Maintenance and labor expenses are reduced

Download BORPower® "How to use" instructions