Sea Transport - Leisure Boats

Would it not be nice enjoying a cruise with your boat aware that at the same time you are saving fuel and preserving the enviroment for the future generations?

No matter if your vessel is old or brand new, now you can really start saving some money and take part of our mission in making the future cleaner for those sailors yet to come.

bor power for leisure boats  

bor power for leisure boats


BORPower® Marineproduct offers real benefits to the maritime sector.

With BorPower the moving parts of the engine and gears are coated with a BORON DIAMOND layer that results in:

  • Prolonged lifespan of moving parts and gears. 
  • Reduction of friction parameters by as much as ~70%. 
  • Boosted Engine Performance of ~ 9 % and more. 
  • Increased fuel efficiency. 
  • Reduced oil consumption.

Download BORPower® "How to use" instructions