Land Transport - Trucks
  The Land Transport & Logistics section is facing huge challenges now and in the future.

Competition is tightening almost on day to day basis, this makes it crucial for operators of this section to improve their effectivness of operations in all ways.


We can help you to make your business more profitable and enviromentally friendly.

From small to big fleets, we are glad to tell you more.

bor power for trucks  

bor power for trucks

  One big problem in the Transport sector today is the huge cost of emission control systems and their rather short lifespan especially in hard conditions. We have the solution to expand the lifespan of ex. DPF Filters and Catalyst systems.

Try NANOLUBE ENT in the engine of your truck and experience the following:

  • Provides up to 15% fuel saving
  • Provides up to 15% power increase
  • Prevent the occurances of high level temperatures
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Minimizes the wearings of start-up working
  • Shows superior resistance against high heats and pressures
  • Achieves high level protection against the occurances of friction abrasions, pittings and cracks generated from sliding and rolling motions of gears in high and low temperatures
  • Extends the lives of tightness elements
  • Prevents the occurances of deposits and droppings by the courtesy of high heat conductivity and thus, prevents the machine and equipment
  • Prevents the formation of carbon
  • Prevents previously found oil leakages substantially (occuring dues to fine leakages and high heat)
  • Keeps engine and bearings clean and prevents formation of ash
  • Prevents rusting
  • Reduces consumable expenses, maintenance and labor expenses substantially
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